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sketching some cute patoots I’ve never drawn before


hi! quick question (if you don't mind) :) what's the estimate for the release of the first chapter of this killing time?? (i just want to know who gets shot *gasp*) anyway you are a totes fab writer and I love reading all your stuff. ALL OF IT.

Pffffhehehe well you don’t find out who gets shot in chapter one, that’s like..chapter three, I think. XD  But I take your point, I was estimating it would be out a long time ago.

I would say…probably before the end of the semester…?  I’ve been weirdly blocked on it, but yeah. :)  I actually have the first chapter of This Killing Time all written, and illustrated even!  I’m just leery of posting it before the rest of the fic is completely written.  >:T  

Goes against my policies.  But on the other hand…completed chapter.  But on the other hand, my policies. 8T

painis i dare you to kiss your nipple

1. is this addressed to me, because I think you’re severely overestimating either my cup size or my spinal flexibility or both

2. what the heck is a painis.  I would assume that it was meant to say something about penises except penises don’t have nipples.  What’s happening.

3. why are you sending this to me. :I

I was wondering if it was okay to send you a prompt? I have an idea for a pale gamkar fic but I'm horrible at writing, so I don't know what to do with it.

It would be okay to send me a prompt! XD  I’m actually working on a (probably ill-advised) Hurt/Comfort (and pale romance) writing blog where I can dump all my H/C shit and paleness and people can give me prompts and stuff.  But yeah, I would definitely at least take a look at it, anon. :D  I do love an excuse to write pale gamkar.

but…i love your art style…

So do I!  But it could be SO MUCH BETTER. 8I

Your art is super beautiful too!!! And you’ll just keep getting better :)

hnn;slkdfnnghglkdnf objectively I know that I have some measure of talent and that people like it and thank you, it is so sweet of you to say so thank you. U///U  It’s just—I feel kind of in a rut and uninteresting and I never seem to have time to draw anymore, which is depressing in and of itself. :(   

Also, inadequate compared to other really talented artists isn’t necessarily inadequate in general—I just.  Want to be them. 8I  And inhabit their style and learn why it looks so good to me.  What is it about their drawings that makes me love them so much?! WHAT IS GOING ON.

the list of people who make me feel inadequate every time they post art continues to grow

and I continue to follow them because I am an ARTIST

oops did I say artist I meant MASOCHIST

(oops why did I bother to change that, THOSE ARE THE SAME THING)

Maithat for the Righa Forachtae glossary, Splickedy! Do you mind if I ask for a translation of a couple of words? Specifically if there's (a) something like "very" or "much" (and also how to say "thanks very much")? and (b) various conjugations of "to be"? Also, can the various words for "love" be used for objects, like "I love pizza", but also things like "ikrech" for, say, taxes? Sorry if it's a bother! But also maithat again, the glossary was fascinating. :)

I would say ‘you’re welcome’ but the clowns don’t have a word for that because you’re never welcome to things. U_U  But you are welcome!  And it’s not a problem, I love talking about this stupid language way too much.  ;)

1. You could use ‘falleich’ as an intensifier that way, if you wanted to, or to imply you were very grateful you could use the more formal version, Íochas a bháileat.  :)  Or you could add lálchalbran on the beginning— “A thousand thanks”, basically.  Falleich maithat=casual, slangy, Íochas a bháileat=heartfelt, sincere.  Lálchalbran maithat=a little archaic but certainly applicable. :D

2. I will include a screenshot of my verb chart under the cut. I couldn’t do it before because of technical difficulties and it’s kind of small, but yeah. 

3. If you mean ikrech and isbreách—no, you can’t use those casually.  It would be kind of like saying “I am in love with this pizza” instead of “I love pizza”.  You would sound kind of dumb.  Usually in the Big Top you would switch it around and describe the thing you like with (long-winded, probably religiously-themed) adjectives and metaphors, and it would be generally understood that you liked it.  Or just as simple as “(noun) at (falleich) sichedlidh.”  :)  

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…his anatomy was wrong. […] The ribs weren’t shaped quite right, the shoulders rotated weird.
Oh Jesus, those teeth. Karkat’s were almost round compared to his. On top of the pointy rest he had two longer eyeteeth that looked like vampire fangs, visible even at rest, but when he smiled it was even more obvious how creepily long they were.

So in other news I somehow failed to reblog like FOUR SECTIONS of Battlefield Terra IN A ROW, and that is an egregious oversight. D:>  So I drew some stuff in a notebook, then got a computer and embellished a bit. <3

Did we ever find out whether the things John thought might be dreadlocks were actually dreadlocks, because I just went with dreadlocks because that’s rad as hell so why not. :)

oh my god SQUEE FOREVER. that floaty pained-looking redkat ahhhhh sopretty. john’s awkward face! TOPLESS GAMZEE YESPLZ. he’s so w eird this is awesome *____* (it wouldn’t show from the front but from the back they still have vestigial muscle and traces of cartilaginous sockets from when they used to have a third limb haha it makes no sense i don’t even care it’s so fun. on gamzee it would show so nicely *innocent blink*.)

ahh the toothy lususmaw. :3 *chinhands* *has happy pilot/evalusus mindmeld thoughts*

i think gamzee has at least the start of dreads or like, a few dreads but they’re mostly accidental because he doesn’t give a shit what his hair does and doesn’t really wash the sopor off in the evenings or anything much less untangle them, but idk if i’ll ever mention it more than that so y’all are free to imagine it as you want. the dreads idea is growing on me by the second though.

On the one hand I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO DRAW YOU VESTIGIAL LEG THINGIES on the other hand it’s eleven on a Sunday night and Monday and Tuesday are my killer days. :(  But YEEEE I am proud of how weird Gamzee’s anatomy turned out, it really does look really off to me and that makes me happy. :D  The muscles I put in on his sides near the back would actually work pretty well for controlling a third, nonexistent limb!  But you can’t see them because wrong angle and covered in skin. :T  Oh well.  

cattwo28 replied to your photoset:…his anatomy was wrong. […] The ribs weren’t…

is this. is this from. the posted bits of the new chapter. iS THAT WHAT THIS IS. I HAVE BEEN TRYIG NOT TO READ NOW I WANT TO SCREECHING

YEEEEEE BOY. 8D <> <> <>