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The story title links to the original fic!  The quotes link to my recommendation post, if you would like more information before reading, including characters, pairings, warnings, and because I came up with this project early in the morning, a specific ‘award’ for each fic, based on one of the facets that made me enjoy it. 

Other art for this fic found here, but beware the

[brushes by kecky]

Loophole (Saccharinesylph)

"Is it bad?"

"What? Being sad? No, of course not," You run a hand across her hair, "It’s not bad to like a movie either. I really liked Con Air when I was younger. Even…. Hey. Hey, look, it’s OK."

Cerulean tears have boiled up in her good eye- and are even threatening to press through the damaged ducts of the other. Vriska’s very good at faking a crying face for attention- there is no way she could fake this. Her chin bunches, her mouth makes a shape like a squashed letter D and trembles. The pained keen that escapes from her is just too much for you.

"Vriska! Look, it’s OK. It’s OK to be sad and be happy. It’s OK. You aren’t bad! Vriska, listen. Look, you’re not bad. Stoppit, look…"


Vriska’s scrambling and bucking in your hands, clawing at you with her filed claws. You shake her, you can’t even remember what you scream at her. You can’t remember anything but pure rage and grief and-
And tears flooding from your eyes as you near crush this little girl with your hands. She’s no longer struggling. Her feet reach the floor when you sink down, and she shuffles close, setting both hands on your hair. With patient little fingers she smooths the crown of your head, down your neck, down your back.
“I miss my Lusus, too.”


She smiles, crooked and honest.
“But it’s OK. I mean, I feel like something big is going to happen now. Really big!” She spreads her arms, “HUGE! And I’m gonna be a legend.”

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    One of my favourite homestuck fics by far, heartbreaking petstuck. So very sad and at times disturbing so be warned, but...
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