The Platitudinous Place.

hey i’ve got my sketchbook out and a powerful need to draw in it but I don’t know what to draw and whoever is online at this godawful time of the morning should give me ideas/requests.

obligatory question mark?

  1. batterydouche said: A very wet, very scrawny, and very angry cat(or ‘kat)
  2. hextrudedcubes answered: tall, wiry nep + short, stocky equius :33
  3. cosmic-alphawave answered: Nepeta showing Equius how STRONG she is?
  4. nightphoebe answered: Equius just kind of doing his thing? I don’t really know, but we need more of that beautiful boy in the world.
  5. frankenclown said: Gamzee in a spiffy tux with karkat yelling at him for spilling redpoo faygo over it just before the Big Event (which could be anything)
  6. eleutheria-has-won answered: draw werewolves! werewolves are basically always cool, because they can be furry people or giant wolves or something in between!
  7. miscteatime answered: How about Dave and Karkat as palemates?
  8. ardra-c answered: spoiled prince troll
  9. toxicshale answered: A penis wearing a hat
  10. miss-w1nks answered: draw….. birds. yeah, birds are cool
  11. sephnacat answered: Could you possibly draw a really cute JohnxKarkat??
  12. imleadinginmyhead said: Uhmmm… Sollux doing something wacky with psionics? Like mid air something haha idk
  13. dannab4n4n4 answered: *IDEA* Goth Terezi? :D
  14. machromata answered: centaurs
  15. ohheythehouseisonfire said: You being a super nurse!
  16. probablyasharkophagus answered: You should draw homestuck characters interacting with their terrible fandom counterparts.
  17. spookedonyou answered: If you’re up for it, some pbj?
  18. kei-to-moushimasu answered: me being scared out of my skin by the phone ringing at 12:40am?
  19. ulawan5 answered: some gangly Gamzee?
  20. rampant-noodle answered: maybe newly incarnated baby forest spirit Karkat from Invincible Summer (unless you think the spirits would incarnate fully grown in looks)
  21. chronoshifter answered: Strong Maryam woman?
  22. megidoitforthevine answered: eridan of course. the world could always use some more eridan.
  23. spoiledchestnut answered: Some of the Homestuck boys in heels please. 8D
  24. allegro-designs answered: Homestuck and How to train your Dragon crossover? c:
  25. cyanidelemons answered: Pale pornstar stuff. Ar an aradia, i am always up for an aradia
  26. shinythalassian answered: draw your icon but make it look like it’s from the powerpuff girls? idk
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